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SocaLoca’s primary user profile is for you, the football player!.

Regardless if you are a social, amateur or even a professional player, we believe that as long as you play the game you should have a presence and profile on SocaLoca.

Our mission is to enable opportunities and access to football as far as your potential can take you, regardless of where you are in the world and what your background is. 

Your journey on SocaLoca starts with your Player Profile.

Introduce yourself to the world and Showcase who you are and your personal playing preferences. This way others will get an insight on the type of footballer that you are.

As you interact more with SocaLoca and join teams, play matches and tournaments, your playing statistics will be added onto the app for all to see. SocaLoca will track your appearances, goals, assists, man of the match awards and even your disciplinary record by year.

The SocaLoca Global Feed

Once you have a profile you will be able to view and post on the Global SocaLoca feed. Share pictures and videos of you playing football or other football related content. What you post will be shown on the global SocaLoca feed where other members of SocaLoca can see and engage with your content.

You too will be able to see how other footballers from all over the world are playing the game and the content that they are sharing for fellow players.

Like, comment and follow posts and players so you are updated on the new content that is of interest to you.

Engage with the Football Ecosystem

SocaLoca aims to enable you to connect and engage with the football community in and around where you are. Search for pick-up games and matches in your area to join in.

If you are not attached to any team, you can search for teams and view the teams profile, match statistics and team members. If you would like to be part of that team then you can use SocaLoca to request to join the team. Alternatively a team who is looking for players could also find you on the app and invite you to join them.

Once you are part of a team, that team can now view and join all the local tournaments and competitions which are listed on SocaLoca. As a player you will also be able to follow tournaments that are listed on SocaLoca regardless if you are playing in it or not. Having insight into what’s going on around you will make you more aware and a better player.


Everybody thinks they are a good player, but what matters more is what other players think of you. SocaLoca has developed a rating and endorsement system where other players can rate you on 20 different footballing attributes.

Ask your fellow players to rate you so that you know what they think of you. This can only validate your strengths and identify areas of your game that require improvement. An overall rating will probably reflect the player you are and identify your strengths and weaknesses

Join Academies

For younger players looking to build a career in football, you can search for academies that are nearby to where you are located. Once you find an academy that you are interested in, you can then find out more about them by looking at the profile, videos and pictures.

If you wish to join them, you can simply use SocaLoca to request to join the academy and the respective academy will be notified of your interest. They will then reach out to you and the rest is for you to prove that you are good enough to join them.

Once you are accepted into an academy, your profile will be updated to show that you are officially part of the academy.

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