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A significant challenge encountered by Football Associations is how to efficiently and impartially serve the interest of all those involved in the sport. Over time, the sport has drawn diverse interests from professionals, women, and youth, to grassroots and social football. This makes it crucial to allocate funds proportionally and effectively. Most often than not, determining funding priorities boils down to what takes precedence, the pride or health of the nation, elite or grassroots football.

SocaLoca is a revolutionary app that strives to democratise football by providing everyone, anyplace in the world, the opportunity to locate, join and create teams, leagues or tournaments in their regional area. Additionally, SocaLoca supports Football Associations and policymakers to construct informed policies and strategies in order to democratise football. 

If you are a Football Association, you can ask to become a SocaLoca partner and gain access to an individualised hub with your logo and branding.

SocaLoca enables the organisation of grassroots and professional fixtures to create tournaments and leagues through SocaLoca’s Competition Management Module. It captures fan and player data and statistics, enables engagement with teams, and allows streaming of live or past games.

The power of SocaLoca Analytics can be deployed to support FAs make informed decision on development and policies. The App permits FAs to broadcast push notifications to all users, advertise upcoming trials and events, keep fans updated with news and announcements and exhibit sponsors. Moreover, SocaLoca proffers FAs the possibility to generate revenue through the display and sale of their merchandise.


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