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It is vital to maintain multiple channels of communication with fundamental football stakeholders, including professional Football Clubs, Players, FAs, and Academies.

The hurdle faced by Clubs, notably in the current climate, is how to sustain engagement with fans while presenting them with an insight into the typical progression of their favoured teams and players, while continuing to expand monetarily from the content they generate.

SocaLoca empowers Clubs to capitalise on their content through dedicated fan engagement and monetising their assets.

If you are a Football Club, SocaLoca offers you the means to occupy a dedicated space with your logo and branding, where you can feature players, upload videos and photos.

Additionally, you can announce match results, display sponsors and publish news and announcements. You also have the ability to advertise live trials, stream games and sell merchandise via SocaLoca’s Marketplace. Moreover, SocaLoca provides an opportunity for Clubs to scout academy prospects worldwide.

The SocaLoca App empowers clubs to magnify their influence by introducing them to international markets. Our analytical tools can be applied to highlight sections where Clubs are attracting the largest interest.

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